A mind, body, spirit approach to cultivating strength, positivity, and resiliency through connection and empowerment 
Four weeks of uplifting learning for students aged 17-21 who are:
  • Feeling lost & isolated
  • Experiencing anxiety or depression
  • Relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Struggling with low self-esteem
  • Lacking a sense of purpose

An adventure in positive intelligence that includes:
  • Therapist-guided group discussions
  • Relationship building
  • Nutrition & biochemistry 
  • Love missions (accountability assignments)
  • Yogic practices
  • Coaching
  • Lifestyle development

Students come away with:
  • A community of peers
  • Healthy strategies to manage emotions
  • A personalized self-care and lifestyle plan
  • Savvy awareness of the food/mood connection and nutritional navigation
  • Avenues for continued support 

Samantha Miller
Licensed Clinical
Social Worker
Tides Changing Therapy
Theresa Giglio
Certified Recovery Coach
Yoga Teacher
Nikki Aiello
Certified Life Transition Coach
Lifestyle Consultant
Yoga Teacher
We believe this challenging time provides an opportunity to transform pain into purpose. Throughout this course, participants will cultivate connection with each other and themselves, learn valuable life-skills, and develop strategies for moving forward with peace and confidence.
4 weeks/4 Modules
  • Module 1 - Introductions and course outline
  • Module 2 - Mind 
  • Module 3 - Body (Guest educator Nutritionist Kelly Miller)
  • Module 4 - Spirit
Between sessions:
  • Buddy projects (love missions)
  • Facebook group interaction
  • Email availability
  • Optional yoga classes with Nikki
Continued support:
  • CWC Facebook community
  • Samantha offers individual counseling
  • Nikki offers private coaching, yoga, lifestyle consulting sessions, and online group yoga classes
  • Theresa offers private coaching 
  • Kelly Miller offers group and private nutrition support